Give your bathroom the upgrade it needs. J Forrest Construction Inc can provide beautiful bathroom remodeling services that fit your personal style. Whether it's updating your vanity or installing a new shower, you can trust our expertise.

We specialize in creating custom bathrooms for residents of Salem, OR. If you want to update your bathroom, call us today to learn about your home remodeling options.

Why hire a professional for bathroom remodeling?

Although DIY projects can be fun, they can end in disaster if not handled correctly. Because of this, hiring a professional for any home remodeling project is smart. Bathroom remodeling requires a specific skillset. Here’s why you should let a professional take on this job:

  • Some bathroom remodeling projects require electrical work
  • Determining the best layout for your bathroom may be tricky
  • Installing tubs, laying tile or painting the walls can result in a mess

Don’t you want your bathroom to be stunning? J Forrest Construction has over 13 years of experience designing custom homes. You can trust us to deliver excellent results. Check out our testimonials to see how much our clients in Salem, OR love their home.